In a perfect world, we would brush our cat’s teeth every day…

…as cat lovers too, we understand that cats can have strong opinions about having their teeth brushed. But, don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

As an AAHA and AAFP accredited hospital, we perform all of our dental cleanings under anesthesia and adhere to very strict standards for safety, pain management, and preventative dental care. All of our patients receive fluid therapy, comprehensive pain medications, endotracheal intubation, inhalant anesthesia, and active warming devices. Our attentive and skilled technicians stay by your cat’s side throughout the procedure monitoring their heart rate, blood oxygen, respiration, temperature, and more. We utilize a high-resolution digital x-ray machine in order to assess all aspects of your cat’s dentition, show potential root or bone abnormalities, and help us to determine the best plan for keeping your cat’s mouth healthy and pain-free for as long as possible. If extractions are indicated, our expert surgeons apply a local anesthetic, a bone graft putty to reduce healing time, and prescribe pain medications for you to continue your cat’s care after they leave the hospital. For an added level of protection, we can utilize an optional sealant for your cat to slow the growth of tartar and maximize the amount of time between dental cleanings.

Though they don’t always make it easy for us, we encourage you to be proactive in your cat’s oral health at home. We carry a variety of dental health aids at our hospital for purchase. Some options include CET toothpaste, pet friendly toothbrushes, Hill’s T/D food, and Breathalyser water additive.

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