A vet with only cats provided a calm and non-stressful environment to go get my cat her check-up! The staff was extremely kind, and made sure my cat felt comfortable and safe. I was able to ask lots of questions and got thorough answers. I had a great experience and will definitely continue to bring my cat here.
Nicole F.
We have used the original location for about 2 years, but are thrilled to have a cat only clinic! One of our kitties gets very stressed out so that helps tremendously! Also, we’ve used several different veterinarians and all provide high quality care for our animals.
Jeanne W.
I have been going to the main clinic for ages. Just had my first experience with the cat hospital and was very pleased. Very welcoming and extremely helpful with my 19yr old cat. The techs/front desk always have useful information/suggestions regarding care. I have seen a handful of the doctors and they are all great!
Patrick G.
Vet visits with a cat are never fun, but Spicewood Springs Cat Hospital provides an environment that is much more cat friendly. No dogs, cat beds in every room, and delicious treats.
Esther T.
Our pets have been patients at Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital for many years, and today was our first visit to their brand new Cat Hospital. You can tell they’ve put a lot of thought into creating a calm and quiet cat-friendly space. Our examination room had a cat tree as well as a window, and our sweet guy enjoyed sitting on the window sill and looking out it. And of course, most importantly, the same quality care is given from their attentive and knowledgeable veterinarians, technicians, and staff.
Haley B.
I was visiting Austin last week and staying with a friend whose cat got into a tangle with a dog and ended up with some pretty bad injuries. We rushed his cat into this vet clinic that only treats cats. It was amazing! The doctor and staff were extraordinarily kind, stitched up the terrified cat and reassured my friend. Kudos to these really nice people for providing such an incredible care.
John G.